Konstantina Mavridou .

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The Enchanting Pool, 2019

Media installation, 3D Laser leveling measurement tool, fans, water, pool

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The Seed Is Planted, 2020

Mixed reality world-wide project (The Seed Is Planted) & media installation (The Seed Is Planted; A Start or An End), grass, marmer stone, sound, media devices

The Seed Is Planted is a mixed reality world-wide project. 30+ locations participate in An In Between becoming story which can be observed from A Start or An End.
Real world locations are used, which contain physical and/or virtual grass gardens. The physical gardens are being monitored and documented by participants and the artist. The virtual ones consist of AR (augmented reality) digital grass objects placed at that specific longitude and latitude by participants or the artist.
The project can also be explored from different angles at physical locations, for more info you can visit the website: https://theseedisplantedportal.dmrdart.com/home.html

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