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Inner Lining
As a result of the Corona lock-down, March 2020, we were forced in a non-stop, utterly familiar feedback loop with our homes. In search of a new space and fresh relationship, I am breaking that loop by constructing a garment, a dress, if you will, for my house.
Inner Lining is an onsite work, therefore I am also offering a unique viewing on 12 and 13 September 2020 (check details below).

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Visit the artist's home on 12 or 13 September, 2020. Opening hours 16h-20h
Check available time slots by scanning the qr-code or send email to
Address: Bovenlandsestraat 12, 1441NS, Purmerend,
How to get there: by bus 304 from Station Noord or 306 from Amsterdam CS; by train from Sloterdijk; by car (free parking). 25-minute journey

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